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SKY Magazine is packed with your favourite must-haves, loaded with interactive games, articles and tips for staying true to yourself. Best of all, it's created by you, for you. Over a 5-year period, we've published 15 amazing editions and distributed them in schools, your favourite hang outs and your communities.

17th edition, May 2023
16th edition, Nov 2022
15th edition, June 2022
14th edition, Feb 2022
13th edition, October 2021
12th edition, July 2021
11th edition, Dec 2020
10th edition, May 2020
9th edition, October 2019
8th edition, March 2019
7th edition, October 2018
6th edition, August 2018
5th edition, June 2018
4th edition, May 2018
3rd edition, Febuary 2018
2nd edition, October 2017
1st edition, July 2017