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SKY Girls

SKY is a multimedia empowerment programme by girls, for girls in sub–Saharan Africa. Since its inception in 2017, SKY Ghana was initially centred on tobacco prevention. It has since broadened its scope to include STEM, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Financial Inclusion, and Career Choices. SKY Ghana is still expanding to incorporate more issues that matter to teenage girls. We reach girls where they are through a range of engaging channels: 560K+ SKY magazines distributed; 5M+ content views on YouTube and National Television; 463k girls reached via school clubs; 256 radio shows aired and 350K+ social media followers!

Words We Live By

I will be true to myself
and what I believe in.
I will be who I am, not who someone else
thinks I should be.
I'll hold tight to the things I'm
all about - like friends, and dancing
and I'll stay away from yawa things
I know I'm good without - like
backstabbing, and smoking.
Because knowing what's my thing and what's
not my thing helps make me who I am.
I will make choices that are true to me.
I will find my sky.

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About Us

SKY Girls, present in six African countries, helps adolescent girls choose what they do and do not want in their lives and to stay true to those choices. SKY is built around a core message of Be True to Yourself – utilizing the crucial developmental phase during adolescence where girls are navigating their identity. 99% of girls in Accra and Kumasi are aware of SKY. Every day, SKY is reaching more and more girls and supporting them to make positive choices that they stay true to.

SKY is brought to the girls by a group of people and organisations who believe in them and their future.