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(SUGAR, SPICE N' SAUCE 1, 2 & 3 )

Titled SUGAR, SPICE N’ SAUCE, the three-part movie centres on our key themes of being true to yourself and following your passion. Theses movies have been screened in over 250 schools and in over 100 communities.

Do Your Thing Competition

We launched the Do Your Thing competition to serve as a platform for the girls to express their interests and pursue their passions. So far we've had two seasons – season 1 touched on the performing arts and season 2, visual art. The competition was hugely successful, with over 500 talents discovered. The third season is underway which is set to be an all-talent competition.

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SKY Song


Based on our knowledge about the girls' love for music, an anthem was created for the movement in collaboration with 2 of the girls' favourite artistes, Cina Soul and Naa Shaawele, and the girls themselves. Titled “Unstoppable”, the song challenged girls to be true to themselves and do their thing and has enjoyed airplay across several prominent platforms such as Citi FM, YFM, Pluzz FM, 4Syte TV, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

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SKY Vlogs

The vlogs are fun video content created by the girls, for girls. From games to challenges, the girls use this to express themselves and grow their confidence.

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SKY Clubs

The SKY Clubs system was created as an arm of SKY in Junior High Schools to create a platform where teen girls can develop their skills, meet each other and discuss the issues that matter most to them. Girls get together every Friday to discuss topics that span across girls interests, career aspirations, relationships, family and friendships.

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