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What do I need to know about SKY Girls?

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"The SKY Girls movement gives young girls a safe space to share their values and express themselves. SKY reminds girls that you can be smart, stylish, responsible and cool for the right reasons" - Kokui Selormey Hansen


  • What is SKY all about?

    SKY Girls is all about being true to yourself. SKY invites girls to share their passions and interests, and to join other girls exploring new opportunities and discovering their own abilities. It’s about having fun, making new friends and exploring talents and interests. But more importantly, SKY helps girls to know their own values and offers a community of peers who support each other to be true to those values when making difficult decisions.

  • Who is behind the program?

    SKY GH is made possible thanks to funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They have worked with an international agency to create SKY – which is designed to build confidence and self-esteem in girls, and help them make and stick to decisions that matter to them. One of the choices they hope SKY helps girls make is the decision not to use tobacco, as the team behind SKY believe this will help them make the most of their future. Now Available Africa are bringing SKY to life in Ghana through a series of events, a radio show on YFM 107.9 every Saturday at 3pm, a quarterly magazine and on social media (@skygirlsgh). If you have any questions call our SKY rep on 0540124008.
    SKY GH has the support of the Ghana Education Service and the Christian Council in Accra.

  • Who is the campaign talking to?

    Our target is teenage girls aged 13-17. These ages have been highlighted, following extensive research, to be the period when girls struggle with the challenge of standing out and crafting their own identity, while also desperately needing to fit in.

  • What does it mean to be a SKY Girl?

    SKY Girls are girls who have taken the pledge to be true to themselves (check out our website for the full version). They’re part of a community of teens who connect on social media, at events or on radio, as they follow their passions and support each other to say no to the things they know they’re good without.
    SKY offers girls opportunities to explore new interests and discover their own talents. It’s a movement by girls, for girls – so whether it’s writing articles, presenting a radio show, illustrating a cartoon strip, designing clothes or slaying on stage, we encourage girls to do their thing and support others who are doing theirs.

  • Our experience across Africa?

    SKY is already successful in Botswana, and Now Available Africa is bringing SKY to Ghana to empower girls and support them in making healthy choices.

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